2021 Export-UluFood Catalog

It has more than 300 SKU’s under seven main categories: biscuits, chocolates, chocolate coated products,cakes, crackers, wafers and cream chocolate. With its superior quality approach, it is present in more than 80 countries from US to the Far East and from Scandinavia to the Middle East. Aldiva with its dynamic approach and universal perspective follows global trends and provides delicious tastes to the consumers all around the world.

Gold Series-Dried Fruits Export Catalog

From the moment we plant our seeds to the moment we deliver our produce to you, a passion for quality is always the key ingredient. By holding ourselves to the Ulu Food Standards, we seek to continually evaluate, measure, and improve our systems to ensure that only the f inest products f ind their way to your table. Healthy people, healthy planet, that’ s the Ulu Food way!

2021 Katalog

Family means the world to us,and the world is our family.We believe that what is good for the planet is also good for us.That's why our products are made just the way nature intended them to be.Just time,love and lots of sunshine,delivered straight from our family to yours.