We believe sustainability involves continuously improving social responsibility, economic viability and environmental stewardship.Modern applications and technology that we have implemented as UluFood are vital for environmental management. We continue to protect our natural resources through our individual initiatives and partnerships with our customers and communities.

Social Responsibility


Environmental Sensitivity

Air Quality

• We aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by using natural gas instead of fossil fuels in our facilities with solar energy systems.

• Renewable energy sources now come to the fore in processing plants where systems derived from natural gas and solar energy are used.

• All works are carried out using systems derived from natural gas and solar energy. There is no oil fuel. There is no sulfur.

Garbage Management

• Garbage management plans ensure that organic nutrients are properly applied to existing products. Reuse and recycling.

• We recycle cartons, metals, petroleum products and pallets to reduce landfill usage and minimize carbon emissions.

Environmental Systems

• We implement full-time corporate environmental compliance projects at all our locations to help them fulfill their responsibilities to the company's environmental compliance plan.

Water Management

• We care and protect water very much – The water used in the facilities is discharged using wastewater cleaning and filter systems.

• Modernized treatment systems have led to a high level of improvement in wastewater quality.

• All processes are controlled using state-of-the-art digital systems.

Energy Saving

• All facilities work to maximize energy efficiency by using devices such as capacitors and energy-saving A++ motors in electrical loads.

• LED lighting is used in almost all of our companies and facilities.